Innovesta is the pioneer of Conduct Intelligence – a revolutionary way for investors to see how companies truly behave, beyond just what they claim. This enables investors to ensure their investments align with their values, while ultimately improving the value their investment strategies return.

We provide today’s investors with the radical transparency and accountability they rightfully demand.

Our customers can now capitalize on information which can support investment strategies.

We establish an objective ESG measure that spans industries, defies spin, and is directly tied to action.

Innovesta combs every corner of the social web – from Twitter, to Reddit, to major news outlets, using its NLP and AI engines to separate fact from fiction, track shifting sentiment, and pinpoint the corporate behavior that truly matters to today’s investors.

This provides a reliable and continuous picture of how companies act, beyond just what they claim, to achieve true conduct intelligence.

Disclaimer: In no way should any advice offered by INNOVESTA' and/or the provision of Services be considered legal, financial, purchasing advice or any other kind of specialized or expert advice on which Client might detrimentally depend, causing liability against INNOVESTA.